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This is a tutorial to install mac osx 10.10 yosemite on hp 440 g2 laptop and also to make it dual boot with a windows 8 or later.

The hp 440 g2 i am using here runs on amd redeon graphics and intel hd 4400.

 If your laptop has both Intel HD and AMD graphics card, AMD graphics card will not be usable in OS X.

Distorted bootscreen (verbose mode and the spinning wheel/progress bar) with hp 440 g2 laptop using 1366x768 display + UEFI native (without CSM) setting. Changing Clover resolution to 1024x768, or enable UEFI Hybrid (with CSM) can fix it, although the boot logo will be stretched.

Before reading this guide, please note:
  • Everything is included in the guide, so if you have problem, read the guide carefully again or search in the guide. DON'T BE IGNORANCE!
  • If you follow the guide and have problems, please post your questions along the troubleshooting files. I CAN'T ANSWER WITHOUT THEM!

For a University Laptops Remove Domain First!!

Please take a full backup of your pc in some external hard drive or friends laptop before starting!!!

Those of you having a dual boot of windows and linux already installed in hp laptop here is a link to how to uninstall linux from dual boot with windows and keep only windows and then follow this tutorial.

This tutorial is of installing osx yosemite 10.10 first and then windows 8 or later as dual boot in a laptop running only windows already!!!
The procedure is remove the windows from laptop and install osx and then again install windows to it as dual boot if you want dual boot!!!

Check list:-
-> For mac osx to run on your 440 g2 drive your drive must be of gpt scheme.
    {check the drive scheme here:- right click on this pc-> manage -> drive management -> right click on the disk (*not partition) -> go to its properties and if their is MBR basic then follow the steps otherwise dont:-> )
   download AOMEI partition assistant software from onhax website then install it follow this steps:- click here)
-> Current drive scheme:- MBR( Master boot record)
-> Current Opertiong system:- Windows only (Remove any linux if any just for no error purpose).
-> laptop:- Hp 440 g2

We need a another mac to install mac osx as dual boot in hp 440 g2, But dont worry if you dont have a mac ,just follow this step of installing mac in vmware(a virtual machine to run diffent os in windows):-
You are gonna need :-
-2 pendrives or micro sd card with memory card reader of both 8 gb or more!
-12 gb internet data!!(for downloading the os and other stuffs)
-one hp 440 g2 with windows only (if have dual boot with linux then remove linux here)
-another mac if having or use vmware procedure below!!

If you already have another mac then go to step 8, otherwise follow the steps from 1:-\

    On Windows on hp 440 g2 :-
1.  Install cracked vmware 10 on your pc download it from here.
2. Dnt use vmware 11 or later coz it needs anther unlocker so just use vmware 10.
3. Download this 5.45 gb mac osx 10.10 vmware image from here (torrent)
4. open the mac osx 10.10 vmware image , read the readme file and by following instrction    install the mac osx on vmware.
5. Make sure you have enabled vtx virtualizton in your bios of your pc on which you are installing vmware mac osx. for that (shut down pc->power on and start pressing f10 then bios will open and search and enable virtualization vtx.)
 make sure you install vmware tools after installing and strating mac in vmware!
6.So  now u have a hp 440 g2 with windows only installed and init vmware containing mac osx .
7. Now u have mac os installed in vmware ,now follow the steps below .
8. download this 4.81 gb mac osx 10.10 yosemite .app zipped from here (this is the os we will    install in dual boot )
9. place the downloaded mac osx 10.10 in your mac ( for vmware users just  enable the folder sharing option and then you can transport the downloaded mac d  downloaded in windows to mac installed in vmware)
      In Mac:-
Prepare a USB with 8GB or more, format by Disk Utility:
- Partition Layout: 2 Partitions
- 1st Partition: Name CLOVER, Format: MS-DOS (FAT), Size: >300MB
- 2nd Partition: Name MacUSB, Format: Mac OS Extended (Journaled), Size: >7GB
- Options: Master Boot Record

(for vmware user to connect a usb to ua mac ,just connect the usb to ua hp laptop and then watch the bottom right corner of vmware and connect the usb from their)

11. - Download, extract then copy EFI folder to CLOVER partition.
     - Download, extract then open intel hd 4400-4600 and select config.plist and copy        to /EFI/Clover/. The path will be /EFI/Clover/config.plist.
    -Downoad hp probook installer and put that 20 mb zip in CLOVER partion . 
12.- Extract the 4.81 gb mac osx we transported to mac ->Right click to Yosemite Install app > Show     Package Contents > Contents > Shared Support, open InstallESD.dmg.
- Open OS X Install ESD partition, open BaseSystem.dmg (hidden file)(to enable view hidden file go here)
- Use Disk Utility to clone OS X Base System to MacUSB partition.

13- Go to System/Installation of USB and delete the alias “Packages”, then go to “OS X Install ESD” partition, copy the “Packages” to the folder System/Installation of your USB

14- Copy BaseSystem.dmg and BaseSystem.chunklist (hidden files) from OS X Install ESD to the root of OS X Base System (on your USB)

15- Now Remove the usb and close mac.

16- Now you have a usb with bootable mac installed

ON WINDOWS of Hp 440 g2

17- Use the second pendrive or sd card to create uefi bootable windows usb stick follow the instruction.(open that link in pc, not in opera mini)

18. Once again make sure you have took full backup of your files on windows of hp 440 g2.

19- Now u hav 2 pendrive one is bootable mac os x and the other one is windows bootable.

20- go to hp 440 g2 bios 
      Enable these options in BIOS :

  • Data Execution Prevention.
  • Switchable Graphics Card / Hybrid Graphics.
  • Video Memory Size: 512MB
  •  UEFI Hybrid 

      Disable this:-
  • Wake on LAN.
  • LAN/WLAN Switching
  • fastboot

21- Plug the flashdrive to USB ports. Restart and press F9 to choose Boot devices > Boot from EFI file > choose your Clover bootloader partition > EFI > Boot > BOOTX64.efi

22- Clover bootloader screen shows up, select "Boot OS X Install from OS X Base System".

If you can't get to installer:

First, try other usb ports and another flash drive.

If you're still unable to boot, it means that you copied wrong config.plist, or place config.plist incorrectly.

If you made sure you place it in /EFI/CLOVER/config.plist and still unable to boot, you should check your system hardware correctly (by installing Windows/Linux, don't look at the information in website).

23- Install screen will appear, use Disk Utility from tools above to format your drive as GPT(Here u have to formatt your full drive of 500 gb or 1 tb or whatever size), create a Mac OS X Extended (Journaled) partition of any size you want eg. 100 gb eave the remaining for windows installation and install Yosemite to your formatted partition.

24. After installation Restart and press F9 to choose Boot devices > Boot from EFI file > choose your Clover bootloader partition > EFI > Boot > BOOTX64.efi

25- Clover bootloader screen shows up, select "Boot OS X from YourPartition".Keep usb connected.

26- If everything goes well, you can boot straight to Yosemite desktop.

27- Goto CLOVER partition on desktop.Unzip hp pro book partition and install it with instruction
     shown below
     Clover UEFI: Install Clover UEFI bootloader

      OS X support kexts
:( 4x0 g2).
        Config and DSDT patcher:
ProBook model: your Probook Model
Fan behavior: Readings only.
Display type: your display resolution
         SSDT generator/patcherGenerate SSDT.aml for your CPU Manager.

Misc OS X fixes:
- Probook/Elitebook Logos: Change MacBook logos in About This Mac to Probook/EliteBook
- Fix EDID: Don't select
- Color profiles: Recommended.
- Atheros Bluetooth/Broadcom Bluetooth: If you have a compatible bluetooth card.
          .Extra tools: All optional. Select the ones you want.
- Troubleshooting: Collect all troubleshooting files. (only in PBI CE 4.2.15+)

        After making your selections, click 'Continue' and allow the ProBook Installer to work.     Then restart.

28. Again shutdown the mac and connect windows bootable usb drive ,now press F9 to choose    Boot devices > Boot from EFI file > choose your Windows Install USB key > EFI > Boot >  BOOTX64.efi

29- Use Windows installer to create new partition for installation and dont touch the mac os partition . Complete install and now you will boot to Windows by default, Clover disappears.

30- Restart and press F9 to choose Boot devices > Boot from EFI file > choose your EFI partition (which contains Clover bootloader) > EFI > Clover > CLOVERX64.efi

31-You can now see Clover bootloader with new entry "Boot Microsoft UEFI Menu from EFI"

32- Enjoy dual boot windows and mac os

U can use this mac as a macbook ,it updates, it does everything a mac can do!!!!

Below is the proof in my laptop!!!

You can also Install a linux as triple boot to it!!

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